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This is an offering of a SAFE under registration exemption 4(a)(6) , in MYDENTALWIG INC. This offering already raised $96,970
and is legally allowed to raise up to $5,000,000.

Additionally, MYDENTALWIG offers perks associated with various investment levels as described on this site.


$15,000 Investment

$50,000 Investment

We will publish an article/press release about your achievements in a notable local Los Angeles Magazine – Opportunity to participate in Zoom call to meet the executive team in an open forum for questions and answers session.

We will publish an article/press release about your achievements in a notable national magazine – Opportunity to come with
the Founder to ring the bell on IPO launch: (limited tickets) based on first come, first served (IPO not guaranteed).

$1,000,000 Investment

We will publish an article/press release about your achievements in a notable global magazine. – Board seat, vote at the
prorate of ownership

MyDentalWig Inc.: To Govern is to Foresee

Non-invasive Brain, Bone, Heart, Muscle, Blood etc. Sensors For 24/7* Body monitoring From Dental Devices


-Raised $96,970 to date of January 2023 Turning a dental device into an wearable electronic
-Original dental wig tested with very happy paid customers Issued patent and patents pending
-Multiple revenues streams including the sales of products, the subscription, the training.

-Founder Lydie Livolsi is an Award winning dental technology with over 30 years of experience in the industry.
-Featured in BuzzFeed, Forbes, The Los Angeles Tribune, ABC7 etc.

Unlike Neuralink, Synchron & Deep Brain Stimulation That Require Surgery & Are Expensive, iDentalwig™ Does Not Require Surgery & Is Affordable

Affordable, Reliable & Non-invasive Alternative to Implanted Neuralink, Strentrode etc. devices.

MyDentalWig is a direct-to-consumer platform that
offers an affordable, elegant, eco-friendly, pain-free
and custom-made dental implant alternative called
Dental Wig. Dental Wig snaps into the empty
spaces where natural teeth used to be.

The iDentalwig™ V0.1 has a synergistic effect of a
dental implant, Neuralink implant and Strentrode
implant It simultaneously replaces the missing teeth,
can be used for multiple applications like
monitoring, stimulating the brain, heart failure,
reconnecting broken neuron, dispensing some
drugs, body temperature, EKG, EEG, etc.

iDentalwig™ Wearable Device

Wearable Technologies, Consumer Electronics, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Dental-wear, Smile-Wear, Body-wear Fashion-wear, Ready to wear, Manufacturer and Distributor

- Over 178 million people in the US are missing at least 1 tooth
- $110 Billion projected for wearable tech. market by 2027

TARGET CUSTOMER People missing at least one tooth - who do not want to get a surgery for brain implanted devices like Neuralink, Synchron, deep brain stimulation etc..
- Who cannot afford expensive dental implants

Our trained and background checked dentalwig technologists visit the customer’s home to obtain the customers’ self-administered dental impressions, deliver their Dental Wig, and provide fittings and adjustments: same process with the iDentalwig™ Dental Wig has FDA clearance Dental Wig test sales over 4 years prove that customers will buy this product. Recent survey reported that 73% of people are willing to wear a dental device if it prevents some disease. We have received press coverage from Forbes, The Los Angeles Tribune, BuzzFeed, Voyage LA, USA Today, Leisure World, and more PPE Compliance from day 1 Each non-invasive iDentalwig™ is made from FDA cleared premium rigid acrylic material and does not require any surgery.

Buy Once Smile Forever™ Subscription

Makes Access To New iDentalwig™ Easy & Affordable

We also offer Buy Once Smile Forever™, a subscription layaway plan that allows customers to have teeth that are missing on one arch replaced, no matter how many are missing. Customers can also use this plan to renew and access new version of their iDentalwig™ every 36 months, providing peace of mind.

Everyone qualifies for Buy Once Smile Forever – no credit check or social security number needed. As a company we believe in reducing economic barriers to accessing our products, we envision this
program will help a segment of people who will otherwise not be able to access our products, or Neuralink, Strentrode, deep brain stimulation or even dental implant.

Buy once smile forever™
upper jaw


we will come to your every 36 month and replce all your teeth lost on your upper jaw at no extra cost

buy once smile forever™
lower jaw


we will come to your every 36 month and replce all your teeth lost on your lower jaw at no extra cost

buy once smile forever™
upper and lower jaw


we will come to your every 36 month and replce all your teeth lost on your upper and lower jaw at no extra cost

How It Works

Each Dental Wig is made from a premium rigid acrylic material and
is completely metal free, unlike some dental bridges. Dental Wigs
also stop the other teeth from drifting.

Instead of covering up the customer’s teeth, the Dental Wig
snaps into the empty holes in the jaw and doesn’t damage the
customer’s jaw joint.

There’s no need to go to the dentist, so even customers who
are afraid of the dentist can use a Dental Wig.

Our online Smile Boutique™ offers easy access to high-quality Dental Wigs at affordable prices. Once the customer makes a purchase, one of our trained and background-checked Dental Wig Technologists will go to the customer’s home to get their dental impressions, and later return for a fitting and adjustments, without touching the customer (PPE compliance).

Traction & Accomplishments

Product Development: Dental Wig has FDA clearance because the components used to build it are already cleared.

Customer Acceptance: We sold about 100 units of Dental Wig over 4 years at different prices to test demand and price tolerance. $2,600 per jaw was optimal. Our test sales confirm that customers will buy this product. Our Buy Once Smile Forever™ layaway subscription members have paused their subscriptions until we raise funds and launch.

Patents and IP: Published Patent, patent pending, trademarks, and copyright.

Manufacturing and Distribution: My Dental Wig LLC the subsidiary is registered with the FDA as a Dental Manufacturer and Distributor.

Press Mentions: We have received press coverage from Forbes The Los Angeles Tribune, VoyageLA, USA Today, Los AL TV, and more.

Market Opportunity

Market Size: Globally, there are: 1- Over 2 billion children between 5 and 18 years that potentially will qualify for iCrown to help prevent from ADHD, autism etc. 2- over 4 billion of people missing at least on tooth. More than 178 million people in the US are missing at least one tooth, according to National Association Prosthodontists. Among them, over 20 million are missing all their teeth. The dental implant market represents only ~$5B, and only ~1.7M implants have been installed in the US. Only 3 to 4 million dentures are made per year in the US, leaving over 17 million people without teeth with no other option than staying toothless. There is ~99% unmet need in the market that My Dental Wig plans on filling.

Notable Competitors


Neuralink’s current valuation is estimated to over $500 million


Not available at this moment

Customer Acquisition: We plan to acquire customers through social media, TV ads, magazines, celebrity endorsements, and other direct marketing efforts. We aim to acquire 8 million customers at a cost of $9.00 and reducing to $2.50 per customer over time.

Revenue Streams

Revenue Streams: #1 Smile Boutique Online, our online store, sells the

Following buyers


for 1 jaw


for 2 jaws

Buy Once Smile Forever™ Layaway Subscription plans


for 1 jaw


for 2 jaws


$30,000 per enrollee

for 12 weeks intensive trainning

Revenue History: We are pre-revenue.

Pricing Comparison:Dentists have higher price points because their manufacturers and distributors add margins. MyDentalWig Inc. is vertically integrated, and our gross margins are in the 95% range with very little COGS to make each unit. Over the span of 4 years, we sold units to test the market and found that with current rising cost of everything, $2,600/jaw is an acceptable price to consumers.

Unique Advantages

Online automated system: Customers can by their Dental Wig directly from our website.
Pain FREE: Dental Wigs are comfortable and safe to use. Regular dental implants, on the other hand, can be painful and cause nerve damage or sinus perforation.
Affordable: MyDentalWig Inc. offers affordable prices and convenient payment plans. We price per jaw: 1 Jaw, 1 Price™.
Peace of mind: Customers pay one price for one jaw, regardless of how many teeth are missing. Our Buy Once Smile Forever™ plan lets customers get newest version of the iDentalwig™ every 36 months at no extra-cost.
Best quality: Dental Wigs are made with premium rigid acrylic material and are completely metal free. Because they don’t cover the customer’s other teeth, Dental Wigs will not damage their jaw joint.
Short delivery time: Rather than shipping the Dental Wig, we deliver it to the customer’s home and adjust it, if needed.
Innovative: The replacement of lost teeth that leads to recreate the chewing ability which combined with swallowing enable collecting data from the brain to prevent and treat diseases. Amazing synergetic breakthrough innovation!

Growth Roadmap

Go to Market Plan

While raising capital, we will buy few acres of land in Southern California, install a
3,000-10,000 sq. ft. mobile garage or other pre-fabricated structure, and launch. We believe
this very low-cost manufacturing facility will enable us to support our marketing strategy as
customer orders generate sales. We will also hire our Growth Product Manager, Software
Engineer, and other key staff. Given our direct to consumer strategy disrupts the dental
industry we believe reliance on leased premises is not suitable to achieve our goals. Note
that we anticipate our total capital cost including land, prefab building and machinery to be
12% of this round (details below); majority of spend will be on marketing and customer

Future Products and Services

Smile care line: a line of products designed to make good dental hygiene easier.

Smile Academy: a training program for our dental wig technologists after which they will be
hired, SmileWatch™ etc.

50+ Years Of Experience

Lydie Livolsi Tchouangang CEO & Founder

Lydie the inventor and the patent owner of the Dental Impressions Kit used by Smile Direct Club, Byte and all other companies sending dental impressions kits out there, has over 30 years of experience in dental manufacturing and dental office management. She is the innovator behind MyDentalWig Inc.

Experienced CTO

Minimum 5 - year experience

Eliott Livolsi CO-FOUNDER

Marketing Director Former CMO of DOMO CHEF, graduated from the Santa Monica Youth Technology Program is the son of the CEO

Exit Strategy


Why Invest?

First Mover Advantage with Freedom to Operate:

The original Dental Wig has
patented and FDA clearance is
positioned to be the first fast,
inexpensive and eco-friendly,
missing teeth solution that goes
directly to the consumer.

The iDentalwig™ is aimed to be
the first direct to consumer
dental/smile-wearable device able
to collect data from different
human body’s organs….

Experienced Management & Advisory Team:

The original Dental Wig has
patented and FDA clearance is
positioned to be the first fast,
inexpensive and eco-friendly,
missing teeth solution that goes
directly to the consumer.

The iDentalwig™ is aimed to be
the first direct to consumer
dental/smile-wearable device able
to collect data from different
human body’s organs….

Large Addressable Market:

1- The wearable Technology market
size is projected to reach $109 billion
by 2027.

2- The dental implant market
represents only $5 billion while we have
178 million Americans missing at least
1 tooth. There is ~99% unmet need in
the market that My Dental Wig plans of

3- Most of people who immediately
need Neuralink or Strentrode implanted
devices are most likely part of the 178
million of people missing at least 1


MyDentalWig Inc. is seeking

$5 million in SAFE agreement funding

to grow our team, acquire a facility, build our R & D division, and market and launch our product.




20 %

Funding will allow us to:

  • Acquire our own facility
  • Hire a Growth Product Manager, Software
  • Engineer, Chips Design Engineer,
    Electrical Engineer, Process Engineer, etc.
  • Launch
  • Build up our robust R & D department

Use of Funds


Marketing including social media


Operating expenses including R & D


Capital raising/professional fees




Capital costs

Business Model

Business Model: Anyone with missing teeth can access MyDentalWig.com and order a personalized Dental Wig™ at an affordable price. MYDENTALWIG’s trained technologists will come to a customer's home to get the impressions, provide them a try-out with the product, make delivery of the final product and offer adjustments. Our vision is profits with social consciousness; we will do our best to remove economic barriers to our products so that many immigrants and other economically disadvantaged groups can access them, leading to a big social impact.

Customer Traction: Since 2017, more than 100 units of the original dental wig have sold at various price points to test the market, resulting in sales in the range of $100,000+ (not under this C Corp, but through a predecessor company).

The iDentalwig™️: New Dental Sensor™️ System to Monitor the Body 24/7

My Dental Wig - Creating The Dental Company of The Future Brands Experts Podcast EP7

Who Is Legally Allowed To Invest In MYDENTALWIG Reg. CF?

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Q & A

Q: Why other crowdfunding websites don’t have the AML/KYC? Answer: AML/KYC stands for Anti Money Laundering. KYC stands for Know Your Customer All US based startups that are raising capital are required by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) to run AML/KYC for all potential investors and have them marked “verified” before accepting their investment funds. The purpose of such verification is to make sure that the potential investor and his or her money are clean, meaning not involved with terrorism, crime, drug trafficking, money laundering, etc. Other websites accept the investment funds first, then run the AML/KYC. If the user is not marked “verified” they will follow up with him or her to find out why, and see if the reasons why the verification failed can be fixed. If the user is not able to fix the reasons, therefore, the startup will refund the user. On our website, we prefer, to have the user going through the AML/KYC verification first and marked “Verified” before allowing her or him to even register and start the investment process. file:///C:/Users/denta/OneDrive/Desktop/2023FullOffering%20Statement%20-%20MyDentalWig.pdf Q: During the AML/KYC verification process, what type of information do you collect? Answer: First of all, our AML/KYC is hosted by a 3rd party called Authenticate.com which by the way is used by companies like EQUIFAX, Transunion etc., so it is very secured and legit. The information collected by Authenticate is requested by the government from your valid photo ID, Driver License, passport etc. Users that reside in the USA have 2 options (photo ID or Quiz) while non-USA residents have only one option (photo ID)

Q: What is the difference between a user and an investor? Answer: A user is someone that is visiting our website and did not yet invest. When investment is made, the user becomes an investor.

Q: I had invested in MYDENTALWIG on PicMii.Crowdfunding Should I go through the AML/KYC process here on this Mydentalwiginvestor.com website? Answer: Yes, if you want to increase your investment. In the meantime, at some point, we will have to migrate all our data from PicMii to here so that, all investors are kept in a same place making things like “Communication Channel” efficient.

Q: Can I invest on this website for a minor child? Answer: yes, you can.

Q: What are the benefits from investing as a minor child? Answer: Despite the fact that investing in a startup is very risky, there are many benefits to invest for a minor child. 1- The AML/KYC verification process is easy and fast because the minor child does not have any “dirty background”. 2- Investing with a minor’s name, you won’t need to go through the transfer of shares process in the near future. Transfer of shares process takes some time and cost money etc. 3- Investing for a minor child is providing to the child, the best investment opportunity in the world. When the child will grow and discover that he or she has an investment account with some good $$$ in it, he or she will start learning to invest from that high investment level which will set the grown child above average peers. Remember that investing in USA based startups has been the way wealthy people in America have been using for centuries to build long lasting wealth.

Q: Can I invest only for my minor child or for any minor child of my choice? Answer: you can invest for any minor child, who has a valid passport

Q: What do I need in order to invest for a minor child? Answer: You need a valid passport of the minor child and an email address for the minor child. You will manage that email address until the child becomes legally able to handle it alone. Q: What if the child dies? Answer: well, sadly, it can happen. Because you are the one managing that account, you will go through the process of shares transfer with a death certificate etc.

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